Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Patterned Paper with Shaving Cream and Ink????

Hi everyone! My last card I made was for Birthday Sundaes Blog Hop and Challenge. I recieved several comments about the paper I used for my cupcake "frosting".  I decided that one of the reasons I blog, is to gain knowledge and learn different techniques from other bloggers. Sooo, I would like to pass on to my bloggy friends how I made the "frosting" paper.
Ink (I used alcohol ink) I believe regular ink would work as well.
A spatula
Table knife or something to swirl ink with
Paper towels
A dish of some kind
White cardstock
Step 1: Shake shaving cream can and spray shaving cream in a back and forth motion into your dish. About 1/2" thick.
Step 2: Add drops of the ink around on top of the shaving cream. For this demonstration I used 3 colors of ink. But you can use 1 color or as many colors as you want. This is YOUR creation!
Step 3: Use a knife and make swirls in the shaving cream. (kinda like making a Marble Cake) YUM!
Step 4: Next, lay your cardstock on top of the shaving cream/ink mixture and pat down firmly, but not too hard. Make sure you get all the cardstock into the mess, whoops I mean mixture. lol
Step 5: Lift cardstock up and use your spatula to scrap off as much shaving cream as you can. This is the messy part.
Step 6: Use paper towel to wipe off and pat remainder of shaving cream off cardstock.
Presto Change O, your finished ONE OF A KIND paper!
Here is the finished project, plus two others I tried. The top paper is using just pink ink, the other one I made the shaving cream all pink by kinda stirring in the ink, then I went back and added a few drops of green ink, played around with making straight "marks" with my knife. I really liked the way this one turned out. Looks like leaves to me. Anyway, this is my 1st tutorial. Hope you enjoy and give this technique a try. Let me know if you do, I'd love to hear about your adventures! Dawn


Lori Comeau said...

Hi Dawn, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments about my squash book. Your tutorial is great. I love this technique. I did a 12x12 paper. That made a huge mess. The multi color one that you made is really really cool. I like it a lot. I love the texture of the paper once it's dry, it's so silky smooth :)
Take care, Lori

Carla Spradling said...

Hey Dawn! I absolutely LOVE this paper - I am going to try the technique with a friend this weekend! Thanks so much for the tutorial - I'll make sure to post photos once ours is done :) Have a great weekend, Carla

Yvonne said...

Great idea! And the tutorial is perfect. Its clear and to the point and gives you a good visual of each step. Nice job. Yvonne

:: hooliegirl :: said...

Thanks for sharing this! It's a great technique and makes the perfect "frosting" effect!

Samantha (Birthday Sundaes DT)

Melissa said...

Wow, I have never seen this before, I will definitely have to keep this in mind!!!

Great job on the tutorial, very nicely done!!!

I would be so appreciative if you would change my old blinkie button to my new one! Thanks for all the lovely comments you leave and have a wonderful day!

My 3 E Scrapbooking said...

This is such a fun technique! I had tried this before at a stamping party but ours just looked like a mess! Yours look fabulous! Maybe I'll have to try it again!

Kellie said...

Dawn, your blogger friend here. I think you did a great job on your tutorial. I have never seen this before it looks like fun. I need to pick up some liquid dye/ink and try this. Did you air dry or use your heating tool? Again wonderful job!


CraftyJAR said...

Wow Dawn cool such a cool tutorial. I've never seen anything like this before. That paper looks almost delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy P. said...

Dawn, this is a wonderful tutorial! It was clearly explained and your pictures nice and clear (love your nails!) thanks so much for the info, I am certainly going to try this!
You are a sweetie!
Cindy Porter

Amy said...

Dawn this is a really great tutorial! I love this technique and I really want to give it a try... I love the way it looks so swirly and marbled! Beautiful job and TFS!!! :)

Teresa Kline said...

these are so fun to make....your have turned out gorgeous....tfs...hope your week is awesome!

enjoy *~*

Nita T. said...

How fabulous!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your technique Dawn! What a super tutorial! When my crafting stuff comes back out I am DEFINATELY going to have to give this a whirl. :)

Pam said...

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about your tutorial. It's great! You did an awesome job of explaining, your directions and pictures make it very clear. After I can get back to doing something besides remodeling I really want to try this. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs, Pam at

Jen @ Creating with the J's said...

Thanks for stopping by and even choosing to follow my blog! I am LOVING this shaving cream concept. I think I will be trying this this weekend. I would try it sooner but I have a list of things that need done first. :) I played with shaving cream as a kid at camp so it only seems right I play with shaving cream as a big kid. I'm a new follower and will be back!!!! Happy Creating!

Barb said...

Wow! What an amazing technique. I never would have thought to use shaving cream! :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for becoming a follower! As you saw, my blog is so new it's still shiny lol! Your blog is great and I'll be back for sure. Have a great day!

Lori Comeau said...

Hi Dawn, just stopped bye to say hi and to see if you had posted any other great projects. Talk to you soon. Lori

Amy said...

I'm back! I have an award for you on my blog! :)

Cindy P. said...

Just wanted to add another comment here and say, DAWN, you are just the sweetest blogger friend! You ALWAYS leave me comments that lift my spirits and inspire me to create! Just think you are SO COOL!
Cindy Porter

Especially_For_You said...

Wow, this is so cool! Thanks so much for sharing and for the inspiration. :) I'm a new follower and looking forward to seeing more of your great creations!

I would love if you stopped by my craft blog, Made Especially For You. Blog candy coming soon! :)


Lisa said...

What a great technique! Thanks so much for sharing! I have some blog awards for you at Feel free to take one or all of them...and don't worry about all the "rules". Just grab them and go! You deserve it!


Nita T. said...

Me again! I have an award for you! :)


Tara said...

This is so awesome! I can't wait to try it!