Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Make Your Mats Sticky Again

I want to share with you an awesome way to make your Cricut mats sticky again. Yes, it can be done! It has saved me money for sure! First, I spray Goo Gone on my mat, spread it around a bit, let it set for awhile. I bought mine at Home Depot. I use my Cricut scrapper, a spatula, or even a credit card and scrap all the old glue, dirt and grim off the mat. Then, I wash mat with dish liquid and water. Let dry. Mat is clean as a whistle :) Then mix 1/3 part Tack-It glue (I got it at Michaels) with 2/3 part water, stir well and paint mixture on mat with a paintbrush or one of those cheap disposable sponge applicators. Let dry and enjoy your "good as new" mat. You can store the leftover mixture in a container for next time. NOTE: Nita over at did remind me that doing this does void the warranty on your Cricut, so you may want to wait until it expires after 1 year. Thanks for stopping by.
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