Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Patterned Paper with Shaving Cream and Ink????

Hi everyone! My last card I made was for Birthday Sundaes Blog Hop and Challenge. I recieved several comments about the paper I used for my cupcake "frosting".  I decided that one of the reasons I blog, is to gain knowledge and learn different techniques from other bloggers. Sooo, I would like to pass on to my bloggy friends how I made the "frosting" paper.
Ink (I used alcohol ink) I believe regular ink would work as well.
A spatula
Table knife or something to swirl ink with
Paper towels
A dish of some kind
White cardstock
Step 1: Shake shaving cream can and spray shaving cream in a back and forth motion into your dish. About 1/2" thick.
Step 2: Add drops of the ink around on top of the shaving cream. For this demonstration I used 3 colors of ink. But you can use 1 color or as many colors as you want. This is YOUR creation!
Step 3: Use a knife and make swirls in the shaving cream. (kinda like making a Marble Cake) YUM!
Step 4: Next, lay your cardstock on top of the shaving cream/ink mixture and pat down firmly, but not too hard. Make sure you get all the cardstock into the mess, whoops I mean mixture. lol
Step 5: Lift cardstock up and use your spatula to scrap off as much shaving cream as you can. This is the messy part.
Step 6: Use paper towel to wipe off and pat remainder of shaving cream off cardstock.
Presto Change O, your finished ONE OF A KIND paper!
Here is the finished project, plus two others I tried. The top paper is using just pink ink, the other one I made the shaving cream all pink by kinda stirring in the ink, then I went back and added a few drops of green ink, played around with making straight "marks" with my knife. I really liked the way this one turned out. Looks like leaves to me. Anyway, this is my 1st tutorial. Hope you enjoy and give this technique a try. Let me know if you do, I'd love to hear about your adventures! Dawn